O2 Customer Service Contact Number

O2 customer service contact number

O2 Customer Service Contact Number – 08435048843

If you’re looking to contact O2 customer services for help and support, including reporting and resolving issues you may be having with O2 products and services including Pay As You Go and pay monthly plans, the below number can be used to contact the O2 customer services helpline.

The number is free from both landlines and mobiles, and goes directly through to O2 customer services. There will be several options for each department within customer services, which you can navigate using the helpful guide we have provided below to assist you with the extensions used for each team available for you to talk to at O2. This guide contains the numbers to take you directly through to each department including those relevant to customer services, upgrading or downgrading your mobile service plan, cancelling your O2 services, or to help with any technical problems you may be having or interruptions to your service.

DayOpening Times
Monday to Friday08:00 - 20:00
Saturday and Sunday09:00 - 17:00
Bank Holidays10:00 - 16:00

O2 Pay Monthly Contact Number

This number can be used to report or get help with any issues relating to your O2 pay monthly service: 08435048843. This includes contacting O2 for upgrading or downgrading your existing package, renewals to your contract and billing or payment enquiries, including getting a copy of your latest statement. Pay Monthly accounts are those where you have a fixed fee to pay on a monthly basis based on a package of call minutes, data and texts, which will depend on your individual tariff.

This number is also applicable if you’re looking to join O2 on a Pay Monthly plan without going through a high street shop. O2 customer service agents will be able to help you with the plans that are available and discuss your options with you, and, in some circumstances, they may be able to offer a better deal than on the high street.

If you’re unsure as to whether you’re a Pay Monthly or a Pay As You Go customer, you can use the main helpline number at the top of this page to speak to an operator who will be able to tell you based on your mobile number and customer details, which you will need to hand when calling.

O2 Pay As You Go Contact Number

For all Pay As You Go customers, the best number to reach the relevant department within O2 customer services is 08435048843. Representatives in the department covered by this contact number will be equipped to deal with any queries about your Pay As You Go account. Alternatively, you can dial 2202 from your O2 mobile, which will also connect you to general customer services, although you will then have to select from several options that are available. Customers on Pay As You Go plans are charged for every minute of call time, as well as each text sent and for all mobile data. This number can be used to hear the remaining balance of your available credit, and also to add on any applicable bundles which may apply a discount to the fees you are charged for these services. Although you’ll be sent a reminder message when your account balance is running low, the easiest way to top up your credit is to call the contact number provided and run through the simple steps provided.

O2 Refresh

Under the O2 Refresh scheme, Pay Monthly customers are able to upgrade their mobile handset to the latest phones available without having to wait until the end of their existing contract. If you just can’t wait to get your hands on the latest device, contact O2 customer services on 08435048843 and request to speak to someone regarding O2 Refresh. Bear in mind that there are charges applicable to Refreshing your device, and these may appear separately on your monthly bill, or be sent in a separate statement altogether.

Cancellations & Porting Your Number

If you’re thinking of moving network or are looking to cancel your O2 services for whatever reason, then you can contact the O2 cancellations team directly on 08435048843. When looking to cancel, it’s useful to have your account details to hand as a point of reference, as you’re likely to be asked for this information in relation to your call.

O2 Business & Enterprise Customer Services

If you have a business plan with O2 covering a number of devices and you have a query regarding your services, you can either call the business customer services team on 08435048843 or simply visit where you can view and manage your business account via My O2 Business, live chat with a business customer service representative, or request a call back from one of O2’s business gurus.


If you’ve been dissatisfied with any of your O2 services or against a member of staff, either in store, on the phone or via online chat, the below is the best contact number to report any incidents to. Ensure you have a pen and paper to hand, as your complaint will be registered on the O2 complaints system, at which point you will be given a unique reference number. It’s important to note this down as you will need it for all future contact with O2 about your complaint and in trying to get it resolved. Contact O2 customer complaints on 08435048843.

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