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Manchester City Contact Number

Manchester City Contact Number: 08439032988

The Man City phone number is 08439032988, this number is used to purchase Man City tickets via the official supporter services hotline. This number covers all customer services including Cityzen Membership, Seasoncard enquiries and general enquiries.

Man City Tickets

To purchase Man City tickets call 08439032988. Please remember to buy one off tickets, it is much easier to register and have a supporter number to hand when purchasing tickets over the phone. If you are a Cityzen member, simply have your card to hand and anybody elses supporter number for whom you are buying tickets and the process will be much easier.

Please find the Etihad Stadium Plan below:

Etihad Stadium Plan

Seasoncard Enquiries

To apply for the seasoncard waiting list you can either call the MCFC tickets number on 08439032988 (option 1, then option 3) or visit the website at There is a £100 deposit required to join the waiting list, this will be refunded should you be unable to get a seat, if you do manage to get a ticket then the £100 will be deducted from the total cost of that season ticket. In addition to this, you can pay an extra £10 to receive it in a gift box, get a city scarf and have it posted to be used as a present. If you have decided you would like to relocate or move to a different area of the stadium, you can do so by ringing 08439032988.

Etihad Stadium Information

If this is your first trip to the Etihad stadium you can get further information on accessibility for those with a disability as well as further information on how to get to the stadium. The stadium is very accessible with rail, tram (Metrolink), bus, car and walking routes from Manchester City Centre and surrounding areas. The Etihad Stadium is a popular concert venue with regular shows in the summer, therefore many people attending won’t be used to coming to the stadium as fans are.

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