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DVLA Contact Number & Customer Service

DVLA Contact Number: 08435048846

Vehicle Tax & Off Road Notification08435048846Standard Rate (7p/min)
Driving Licences & Applications08435048847Standard Rate (7p/min)

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, or DVLA, is the Government department dedicated to regulating all policies associated with use of the UK’s roads and drivers. You may contact the DVLA for all queries relating to your driving license, vehicle registrations, road tax, driver checking service and most other enquiries about the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

You can contact the DVLA customer services team on 08435048846. This phone line covers general queries and enquiries, as well as complaints.

Contacting the DVLA is relatively simple, although you will typically be faced with several options before being able to get through to the correct department. The below guide has been created with this in mind to assist you with directing your call to the appropriate team within the DVLA and save you time in contacting the right place.

The main DVLA contact number provided above should be used for vehicle registrations, road tax, and to report medical conditions that may impact your driving ability or license.

Unfortunately, the DVLA does not have a Freephone number, although all numbers on this page are charged at normal, local rates rather than premium charge rates.

Vehicle Registrations

To contact the DVLA for anything to do with car registrations, including to register your vehicle or declare it off the road (SORN), the best contact number is 08435048846.

Road Tax

If the nature of your enquiry is to do with road tax, including payments and general car tax enquiries, then the following number can be used to speak directly to a member of the tax department: 08435048846. This number is open from 8am-7pm on weekdays and 8am-2pm on Saturdays.

DVLA Driver Check Service

When you’re hiring a car or being provided with a vehicle through a company scheme, the hire car company or your employer may need to contact the DVLA to verify your licence information prior to approving the use of their cars. To do this, they will need your permission to contact the DVLA and request this information, which will include any points on your licence and any driving offences that have been reported to the DVLA. Those contacting the DVLA’s Driver Check Service should be aware that there is no local rate number for this service, so all calls are unfortunately charged at a premium rate.

DVLA Medical Enquiries Number

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that you think might have an impact on your ability to drive, or to carry a driving licence, then it’s important that you contact the DVLA as soon as possible to report the condition and seek assistance with next steps. If you’re unsure about whether your condition could impact your ability to drive legally then a customer services representative will be able to advise you on 08435048847.


The DVLA have a specific complaints procedure, which can be initiated either in writing or via phone on 08435048847. The complaints phone number should be used to log complaints that relate to decisions made or DVLA team members. It’s worth noting, however, that complaints relating to any actual policies themselves cannot usually be dealt with by the DVLA, although a customer services representative may be able to assist you with where to pursue your policy complaint through the correct and appropriate channels.

General Licensing Enquiries

For license enquiries, including renewals and changes to your licence such as a change of name upon marriage or legal name change by deed poll, you will need to call the DVLA customer services team and select the option for licensing on 08435048847.


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