Call Charges phone numbers are charged at 7p per minute plus your network providers standard access charge. This may vary depending upon whether you call from a mobile, landline or from another country outside of the UK.

Your providers standard access charge is not set by, you will need to speak to your phone or mobile phone provider to understand the costs of calling an 0843 number, as used by Contact Numbers.

Typical charges from a mobile phone can range considerably in excess of 10p to 75p minute depending upon the network you are on i.e. EE, BT, O2, T-Mobile, Orange etc.. Please ensure you contact your provider to check these charges prior to using this site.

We have collated the relevant pages for the most popular mobile phone providers below so that you can find out for yourself:

O2 –
EE –
Vodafone –
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Ofcom call cost guide – Ofcom Call Cost Guide
The UK Calling website offers further information regarding call charges –

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